Friday, October 24, 2014

Point-of-care ultrasonography in dyspnea


Is point-of-care (POC) lungultrasound (US) diagnostically useful in patients with suspected acute cardiogenic pulmonary edema (ACPE) ?


A systematic review was done. Studies of asymptomaticindividuals or in patients where there was no suspicion of ACPE wereexcluded. The outcome of interest was a diagnosis of ACPE using US
B-lines. A final diagnosis from clinical follow-up was accepted as the reference standard.


Seven articles (n = 1,075) were identified. The sensitivity of point-of-care US using B-lines to diagnosis ACPE is 94.1% (95% confidence interval [CI] = 81.3% to 98.3%) and the specificity is 92.4% (95% CI = 84.2% to 96.4%).


This study suggests that an US study showing B-lines can be used to strengthen an emergency physician's working diagnosis of ACPE.

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