Friday, September 16, 2016

Dairy, calcium, vitamin D and ovarian cancer risk in African-American women.

In African-American women, whole milk and lactose consumption was associated with an increased risk of ovarian cancer. Calcium intake and longer sun exposure in summer months was associated with a lower risk. Vitamin D intake was not associated with a decrease in ovarian cancer. Br J Cancer. 2016 Sep 15.

Comment: What is the real message here? These seem like unusual and inconsistent associations. Seems best at this point in time to take calcium at a level designed to prevent osteoporosis, and as a side-effect the risk of ovarian cancer may be decreased. I hope additional studies will look at these associations so we can get more clarity on the best dietary habits to prevent ovarian and other cancers. The best diet in terms of overall mortality seems to be the Meditteranean diet. Cancer Med. 2015 Dec;4(12):1933-47

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